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In partnership with design offices.

         A large number of companies want to increase the security of their buildings. To achieve this, they call on design offices to create the solution corresponding to their needs.

         In a large majority of cases, these design offices need help to design in detail what their customers require. That's where we come in. Our expertise in the field of access control and IP intercom/videophone allows us to build the plans, the diagrams and the list of equipment necessary for the smooth running of the project.

          It is by bringing together professional analyses such as that of One-Touch that design offices, but also electricians will be able to offer a turnkey security solution to their customers..


In partnership with electricians

          Many electricity companies participate in Security projects RFI (Request For Informations). We help these companies to generate the technical security solution (Access Control and/or IP Intercom) so that they can provide a response in accordance with the specifications.


In addition, we produce the list of equipment to be provided as well as the quantity of the security technologies requested..


          Finally, and after the technical installation, electricity companies sometimes find it difficult to put the solutions "In Service".


We take care of it !!


Our mission is the Customer satisfaction and the Assistance to their suppliers as well.




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