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          Assistive technology Carephones enable the user to feel more safe and secure in their own home. This not only improves quality of life for the elderly, physically impaired or those living alone; friends and family also appreciate the assurance that their loved ones can be helped quickly in an emergency.

            With the Carephone devices and environmental sensors, users are reassured that the appropriate response for each type of alarm can be summoned.

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TeleAlarm - TA 74


3 communication channels

  • No restrictions, all communication options possible with one device: IP, GSM and PSTN

Configuration via Cloud

  • Quick and easy configuration with TeleAlarm Cloud Services

Multiprotocol capable

  • All common protocols on the market are supported

Energy saving mode

  • By activating the energy saving mode the battery life is at least 36 hours.

Superior audio quality

  • Exceptional audio quality; microphone pick-up effective even at distance

UV resistance

  • Durable design and no discolouration due to UV-resistant plastic

Reminder messages

  • Automatic reminder of important tasks 

Carephone and transmitters

  • Can store up to 20 Telecare peripherals and 10 alarm call recipients 

TeleAlarm - EV-04


Personal mobile alarm system

       Advanced personal emergency location device, for the elderly, disabled, or alone worker, keeping families connected with tracking information and voice functionality.

      It supports various 4G bands and falls back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage. When pressing the SOS  button, the EV-04 sends an SMS message to the first recipient with complete location details. Then, a hands-free call takes place. If the recipient does not answer the call, the device will proceed with the next recipient set in the call sequence. Up to ten recipients can be defined.


  • 2G/3G/4G connectivity

  • VoLTE compatible

  • Wireless charging is possible using a Qi charger

  • Automatic fall detection alert

  • Easy to use and two-way calling

  • Indoor localization

  • Real time tracking using A-GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth and LBS

  • Geofences


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