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Access Control



          Constructing or renovating a building requires thinking about a lot of technical aspects. Many times, SECURITY, but also how to FACILITATE access are neglected by architects because it requires the expertise of a specialist. The mission of ONE-TOUCH is to assist customers, design offices, electricians, by carrying out a complete study that meets the needs described in the “Request For Information’s” documents.

          ONE-TOUCH doesn't stop there. In addition to the study and thanks to a partnership with reputable manufacturers in access control, we can take care of the delivery of the equipment necessary for the installation. No more, no less, but only what the customer really needs.


Let's think together about what you really need.


We can help !

Access Control Enterprise

The first layer of security consists of closing off all access to a building or site physically. Then choosing the authentication methode of the user  (badge, Pin, finger print, ..) on every door of your building.


A secure Access Control system must be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Where are de users?

  2. Who has access to each parts of the building?

  3. How many people are into the building?

  4. Who tried to enter a room?

A professional Access Control solution needs to fit the requirements of the customer.

Here is a list of functionnalities included into the ONE-TOUCH solution:


  • 100,000 users

  • 40,000 access points

  • 2 card codes, 1 keyboard code, 3 fingerprints

  • 1,000 access categories or groups

  • 250 daily schedules

  • 250 weekly schedules

  • Any type of obstacle (turnstile, gate, door, railings, etc.)

  • Managing lifts, car parks, airlocks

  • Standard or per-zone Anti-Pass-Back

  • Client/server software for managers

  • Graphic console for user interface

  • Integrated user photo management

  • Built-in badge customisation

  • Graphics superversior with drawing tool

  • Real-time development and supervision of elements

  • Link to video surveillance

Access Control SME


       SMEs often do not have the time or technical knowledge to design a secure solution for their building sufficiently. Yet small or large, companies needs to protect their rooms. In its role as consultant, ONE-TOUCH can carry out a study of your real needs, no more, no less.

Our experience has shown that an access control system must have at least the following criteria:

  • Get access with Badge, Pin Code, Smartphone (Android) of finger print.​

  • Expendable from 1 to 20 doors

  • 2500 users without any license

  • 100 % stand-alone and WEB  (Responsive Web Design)

    • No software to install or download

  • Intuitive and ergonomic interface

  • Management from all types of device (PC, Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet)

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world

  • Reduced installation time


  • Intelligent power supply

Battery protection

Protection of power supplies against short circuits

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